In a quiet alley, a shabby noodle stall runs late at night and closes daily at 3:15am sharp. Illuminated by a dim street light, the stall is shrouded in heavy steam from the boiler, where a mysterious 60 year-old man with a big scar across his face silently busies himself preparing the noodles. The stall is frequented by strange characters, each with a baffling story of their own. Unknowingly, their fate and destiny interweave at the unassuming stall, revealing secrets of their past and present…
一家开在陋巷的小面档,每晚做完夜归人的生意后,都准时在凌晨3点3打烊。店里卖的是地道的板面,小小的一个店面里,放着数张残旧的长板凳,空气中永远凝聚着煮面的蒸气,在微弱的灯下,让店里的人事物变得更加疑幻疑真了。 店东张有发也是店里唯一伙计,眼神冷峻,沉默寡言的他,从眉间到脸颊拖着一道长长的疤痕,有点吓人,看来是久历风雨的一号人物。长相虽然有点抱歉,但他所煮的板面实在好吃,所以生意还不错,店里的食客都有个习惯,点菜后就只管低着头静静地吃着,不是因为进店的都是斯文人,只是众人心里想着,避免影响食欲,还是小心点不抬起头好。 一家简陋的面档,却往往来了一些奇奇怪怪食客,一个面带刀疤的老人,背后还会隐藏着什么令诧异的故事呢?




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  • “Make every day count... Even when you think it's the worst day of your life; for you never know when it'll be your last.”
    Story 1- Killing Me Softly
  • “Excessive love can ruin a child’s life.”
    Story 2- The Old Well
  • “A distrustful nature is destructive to oneself.”
    Story 3- Who Killed Me?
  • “To bear responsibility for one’s choices.”
    Story 4- Haunted Decisions
  • “When you think you have conquered the world, you are actually the loser.”
    Story 5- Pocket Watch

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