From left: (B-Boys) Steal, An, Kinobu (Centre), Zero, Mon, Juicy, Black

No stranger to Malaysia's dancefloor, Giller Battle is perhaps the community's biggest competition when it comes to breakdancing. Joe Flizzow wrote them off as "amongst the best breakers" and Maple Loo commented that they "have the X-factor". Currently headed by B-Boy Zero, the crew was established back in 2002 and has since conquered many local competitions and represented the country in Thailand, Korea, Germany and beyond. The Showdown 2010 Battles revealed that they have a heated rivalry with Wakaka Crew, who are fast becoming their biggest contender, and after Giller Battle’s loss to the crew at the Showdown 2010 Battles, they are determined to meet Wakaka on stage again, to reclaim their title.

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From left: Zen, Nita, Diha, Boojae (Centre), Na, Flip, Lilo

Floor Fever, originally established in 2002, is firstly known for its captain, Boojae - a respected dancer in the local industry and a sought-after street dance choreographer (including So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 2), as well as co-founder of the Funky Fresh Family, which unites his crew, HMC Phlow and Wakaka Crew. Floor Fever has performed for the likes of Too Phat, Ahli Fiqir and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, and holds over 100 shows under their belt. They describe their style as Urban Dance – "a mixture of hip hop, b-boying, jazz, modern, contemporary, ballroom, theatre & lyrical dance with a touch of 'street style'..." Maple Loo was impressed by their audition, saying that their "level of energy is explosive; I have nothing bad to say."

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From left: (B-Boys) Wan, Ayie, Heri, Alam (Centre), Azim, Joe, Naz

Captained by Alam, the first champion of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia, Wakaka Crew was formed back in 2006 by the dancer and his childhood friend Joe in Johor Bahru. According to Joe – the name 'Wakaka' represents their tendency to joke and fool around, but also stands for their laid-back philosophy: "Walau Aku Kalah, Aku Kisah Apa?" Following their establishment, Wakaka Crew has graced stages in Thailand, Cambodia and even London. Maple Loo cited their audition as an "awesome display or strength and skills". At the Showdown 2010 Battles, it was revealed that they have a heated rivalry with Giller Battle, as they currently pose the biggest threat to Giller Battle on the local dancefloor.

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From left: (B-Boys) Farez, Epul, Fuzz, Faruq (Centre), Angah, Mail

HMC Phlow took everyone by surprise at the Central Auditions with a mix of dance routines to hits going as far back as MC Hammer's '2 Legit 2 Quit' and Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' – they’ve got swagger, and they got everyone hooked. As the juniors of Floor Fever Crew and part of the Funky Fresh Family, the crew, led by Faruq, emerged champion for many competitions in the few years they've been together, and is sure to continue taking Malaysia (and beyond!) by storm.

From left: (B-Boy) Clip, Eric, A.D, One Day, Fido (Centre), Famous One, Kim

Famous Crew cuts it to the chase – they're after fame on the floor, locally and internationally. Each has been a dancer or instructor for many years, but these b-boys united last year for Battle of the Year Malaysia, and although they returned home without a win, they've yet to give up. Believing in 'attitude' as the core value in being a dancer, Famous Crew wants to be respected on the field and in public. At the auditions, Maple Loo complimented them for being "one of the tightest crews" and that "each of them has something to offer."

From left: (B-Boy) KJ, Safwan, Gaban, Spoke, Heat, Bullet

Borneo Soul Breakerz is an all-star crew gathered after they were spotted by one of the judges at a dance competition in Kota Kinabalu. Showdown 2010 is the first competition they’ve entered under the crew name, and they're also the only Sabahan crew to have made it into the Top 12. Individually, they each have different styles on the dancefloor; for instance – Safwan specialises in strength moves, and Heat, the youngest, displays the best skills in power moves. Joe marked their audition as "good and impressive", but that "individually, they have a lot of potential" and their challenge in Showdown 2010 would be "the transition to an all-rounded dance group".

From left: Yvonne, Cynthia, Becky (Centre), Von, Seven

It was at a solo competition not too long ago that the girls met each other, when Becky, now captain, came up with the idea for an all-girl crew; the rest was history. Trademarked for their versatility and craziness on stage, these ladies are always ready to entertain with their playful routines and serious flavour. Maple Loo admires them for always having a "full on attitude" when they dance, and Joe Flizzow deemed them as b-girls that "all b-boys should look out for."

From left: (B-Boy) Acul, Ejoyz, Gennosuke, Iemoul (Centre), Khenosuke, Ayun, Apiz

Representing their hood in Flat Sri Stulang, Johor Bahru are the boys of Return Crew, who are inspired by Alam's Story, a drama series based on the first champion of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia (also a fellow Johorian). Although still in school and amateurs on the dancefloor, Return Crew won the judges' approval with their sheer determination and eagerness to entertain on stage. Maple Loo called their audition "colourful" and Joe Flizzow praised them for their "spirit".

From left: (B-Boy) Ice, Gano, V-Ron (Centre), Yao, Bryan, River

Among the strongest crews in Penang, Funky UX Force is captained by V-Ron, whom, together with Bryan, run D-Vol Studio, where the crew trains and continue their mission to spread street dancing around the island. V-Ron listed "breakdancing, popping, locking and krumping" as some of the dance styles the use, and stated that they're here in Showdown 2010 because they love a challenge, and they want to see where they stand in the scene.

From left: (B-Boys) Grand, Viz, Spring (Centre), Tight, Cody

Known as one of the top B-Boy crews in Kuching, Feasible is out to prove that east side cats have what it takes to conquer the dancefloor. Already a familiar face in the industry, they've been sighted in the film Sayang You Can Dance and have danced for Chinese artists such as JJ Lin from Singapore. The captain, B-boy Spin is said to be a top b-boy in Kuching, holding the record for the most head spins (20). Maple Loo complimented them for having great "stage personality" and added that they are "nice to watch."

From left: Phelan, Desmond, Soo Yee, Celly (Centre), Milk, Wern, Jia Sheng

Juniors of Funky UX Force and 'apprenticed' under B-Boy V-Ron & Bryan's Studio D-Vol in Penang - the Blacky Wacky kids are all right. Although they have only been together for merely four months, these playful and energetic students entertained the audience with their combo of comical routines and fierce attitude during their audition. Even if they don't have the fullest support from their old folks, they're not gonna stop until they've made Penang proud.

From left: (B-Boys) Gen, Megat, Ammar (Centre), Fizzy, Shawn, Apek

Backyard Revolution Crew caught our attention when B-Boy Ammar, the youngest member at 13, impressed us with his popping and locking skills. Although the judges took note of the young crew's effort to incorporate old school techniques into their audition, Ammar's enthusiasm and confidence alone was enough to speak for Backyard Revolution Crew, which convinced Joe Flizzow and Maple Loo to take them further into Showdown 2010.