Episodic Synopsis:

Episode 1:

Henry’s expedition to the great outdoors takes flight by entering the aviation world with the most basic aircraft that is paragliding in Bukit Jugra. To retain the high, he moves on to flying an actual plane. And he has to learn those piloting skills within a day. His next activity held risks of a different kind; he simply had to avoid being trampled upon by elephants, as he becomes their caretaker at Kuala Gandah.

Episode 2:

The first state that Henry heads out to would be Terengganu, where he’ll be living on a boat in Tasik Kenyir. Being the largest man-made lake in South East Asia, there’s an abundance of large fish. So it will be Henry against the much-feared Toman. Exploration along the lake will lead him to a cave, a waterfall and an Herb Farm where he’ll try the infamous Tongkat Ali.

Episode 3:

The highest point in Peninsular Malaysia is none other than Mount Tahan and this trip wouldn’t be complete if Henry doesn’t make his way to the top. But he can’t go conquering mountains without prior training. So the best hardcore gym to go to would be Pushmore. Watch Henry’s physical and mental limits get pushed during his training and even more so as he journeys up Tahan.

Episode 4:

By the borders of Johor and Pahang lies Endau Rompin. Here Henry wouldn’t be able to sit still as he will be rocking up and down in a 4x4 for an off-road adventure, where things hardly go as planned. But fortunately, he picks up some survival skills from the Aboriginals in case of emergencies. And for some calming of the mind, he enjoys the serenity of kayaking and chilling by the waterfall.

Episode 5:

Unbeknownst to many, Perak hosts many undiscovered limestones caves and even the largest rainforest in Peninsular Malaysia. So Henry takes it upon himself to discover these places. The cave he enters is the 6th Mile Tunnel that was possibly once a communist hideout. Then he stays at the Belum rainforest which is even older than the Amazon. And due to the year-end rainy weather, it would be the best time to challenge some rough rapids at the Slim River.

Episode 6:

The time for Borneo has arrived as Henry flies over to Sarawak, with his first stop being Kuching. An annual bamboo rafting competition awaits him at Kampung Danu, as he goes up against rafting and kayaking experts. Thoughts that accompany Kuching would be forests, longhouses, and rivers. And so, of course Henry had to have those experiences. He also visits the home of orang utans in Semenggoh before heading to his own hometown in Betong.

Episode 7:

Henry flies over to Miri for one sole purpose, and that is to visit some of the most fascinating caves in the world. Mulu Cave is said to have the largest chambers and passages in the world, while Niah is one of Sarawak’s smallest national parks, yet both hold very tremendous significance. One of these caves even has paintings on its walls from the Stone Age era. So who knows what else Henry might find.

Episode 8:

Borneo is home to so many species of rare animals. It saddens Henry to see how many of these creatures face extinction. So the best place to help out would be in Sepilok. Henry gets in touch with the Orang Utan Wildlife Centre and the Sun Bear Conservation to see how he can lend a hand. As cute as these creatures are, they can be very dangerous too, so cross your fingers that all goes well.

Episode 9:

It is undeniable how Henry loves all things fast. With piloting and white-water rafting and driving a four by four out of the way, he was left with biking. Henry will be riding his bike from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat. Kudat is the northern Tip of Borneo that is known to have magnificent sights and is home to the Rungus ethnic people, who are a sub-group of the indigenous Kadazan native. He will also be left at a survival camp to see how he will survive in such a situation.

Episode 10:

The unavoidable hike of Mount Kinabalu has arrived. With Mount Tahan already conquered, will Henry find this climb to be a breeze? The view at the peak is said to be magnificent. And upon arrival of the peak, comes the descending. Mount Kinabalu has the highest via ferrata in the world. So if you’re afraid of heights, this method of returning to ground may not be the best choice.